Every successful business, including yours, has two things in common: the need for a strong brand to build on and a clearly defined message to communicate your value proposition.

Without a strong sense of who you are, what you offer to the world and a clear voice that carries your message to your audiences, you run the risk of becoming just another face in the crowd. The bad news is that the crowd is getting bigger and louder every day.

Since 2004, Fiaba Creative has created a distinctive reputation for building strong brands and helping organizations find their voice. We begin every engagement with a holistic brand analysis to ensure that our clients have a solid foundation to build on. Our purpose is to work with you across a wide range of disciplines, including R&D, marketing, sales, public relations and corporate citizenship to ensure that your identity, messaging and communications channels are all developed in harmony within the context of your brand and creating the most value and brand equity possible.


At Fiaba Creative, we specialize in developing strategic brands for today’s ever-shifting communications landscape and the need for companies to be socially innovative through our Spherical Branding process. We also provide expert messaging, touchpoint strategy and creative services developed to thoroughly understand your strategic goals and create resonant content that connects hearts and minds with your brand.

Spherical Branding


Your brand is your future. Of all the things you own, nothing is as important. Nothing’s as valuable. Nothing’s as enduring. Your brand enables your company to attract and retain the best talent, to leverage competitive opportunities, to become an industry leader and to increase your economic value.

Industries and competition evolve. Technology becomes obsolete. Patents expire, and copyrights and proprietary procedures go into the public domain. The only thing that remains a constant is your brand.

Your main concern should always be to know who you are in the context of your strategic business goals, your constituents and the opportunities unfolding before you. Putting the time in to define and regularly evaluate your brand – your promise – will keep you on the right path.

Touchpoint Identification and Planning


A major compliment to our Spherical Branding process is identifying every touchpoint your constituents can have with your brand. It is a common misperception that consistency means that every point of contact has to convey the same things. This isn’t the case. Instead, it is most effective when each touchpoint has a specific and single-minded purpose.

We methodically identify and map how each point should bring your brand promise to life to create a consistent brand experience, and we set you in motion to actively manage the impact of each point on your brand.

The result is a fully developed hierarchy of existing and needed touchpoints that eliminates channels that conflict with your brand and maintains and prioritizes elements that reinforce your brand.

Messaging Platform Development


Next to your brand, your messaging platform is your single most important foundational element. What you say, how you say it and who you say it to affects everything you do. It’s the voice of your brand and serves as the blueprint for all of your internal and external communications. Our approach is based on our tested methodology:


  1. Review existing business plans and other related documentation
  2. Analyze competitive messaging and market drivers
  3. Conduct research to drive insights on benefits and messages that will resonate most
  4. Facilitate a one or two day strategy workshop with key team members to brainstorm, capture and prioritize value drivers and master positioning statement
  5. Define internal and external positioning and primary and subsidiary messaging
  6. Publish positioning and messaging framework document for review and approval
  7. Implement across all touchpoints

Creative Services


Fiaba Creative is dedicated to content that works. We exist to replace the mundane with strategically crafted ideas. We provide our clients with content that spans every communications channel. No matter your industry or where you’re at in the process, our team will deliver strategically crafted, on-brand messaging that resonates with your audiences. Our approach starts with in-depth interviews that get us to the heart of the matter. We then turn those insights into the thoughts, words and images that inspire and connect with minds and hearts. For B2B and B2C audiences across traditional, digital and any other channel you need to communicate through, our experienced creative team provides you with more than a story – we give you inspired, elevated content that lingers.

Our services include:


  • Strategic Content Planning
  • Graphic Design
  • Copywriting
  • Web Site & App Development
  • 3d Graphics & Animation
  • Video Production & Editing
  • Experiential Marketing
  • Digital & Traditional Advertising
  • Brand Asset Storage & Management



We led the eSpring product and marketing teams through our 360 Branding exercise to create a “green” brand platform. We then mapped the eco-friendly attributes of the product and created a short commercial to communicate the story to affiliates in 65 markets around the world.

Founders Brewing Company

We worked through our 360 Branding exercise with Founders leadership and created their brand promise and messaging foundation. We also created a marketing and communications strategy and implementation plan to support their continuing growth.

 Safe Water Team

We worked in conjunction with global brands, including Amway, Dow and Wolverine Worldwide, to develop the brand strategy, messaging, touchpoint and corporate social responsibility program for this growing international provider of clean water solutions.

Fulton Innovation

From 2004-2011, we led the team that conceived, developed and executed all brand, messaging, word of mouth, influencer marketing, experiential, digital, online and measurement activities for the global leader in wireless power solutions.


We guided two newly merged companies through our 360 branding exercise, created a messaging platform, built a touchpoint strategy and established a corporate social responsibility position to create the industry’s largest provider of complete rechargeable power solutions.

Discovery Communications

We partnered with Discovery’s marketing and licensing teams to develop content for licensed products for key brands, including Mythbusters, Miami Ink, Trading Spaces, Animal Planet and several Discovery Kids brands.

Amway Research & Development

We worked with Amway’s R&D leadership team to create the Value Proposition and Messaging Platform supporting their world-class research and development team’s innovation processes. We then produced a series of videos focused on each element identified in the Value Proposition and aimed at educating internal audiences and attracting new, world-class scientists and specialists.

Fleet Engineers

We are working with this aftermarket solutions provider for the transportation industry to completely redefine and reposition their 50-year-old brand through our Spherical Branding workshop. We are also developing their Value Proposition, a fully updated Messaging Platform, including competitive positioning and full profiles of industry Key Influencers, and oversight of all Public Relations, Advertising, Web Site, Video Asset and Tradeshow development.


We are working with the research and development arm of the OSF Healthcare / Jump Trading Simulation and Education Center to define their brand through our Spherical Branding workshop. We are also creating Positioning and Value Proposition statements, a full Competitive Brand Analysis, SIMnext’s Messaging Platform, an industry Key Influencer profile and a Touchpoint implementation plan and supporting budget.




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